01. Pharmacy

CPC's experienced technicians use precision equipment to weigh all raw materials, ensuring the accuracy of each batch.

Video: Pharmacy/Raw Materials

Pharmacy video

02. Granulation

CPC uses advanced technology, such as Glatt fluid-bed processors and high-shear granulators, to improve density and compressibility, reduce separation of components and obtain optimal flow and tabletting properties.

Video: Glatt High Shear Granulator

Granulation video

03. Blending

CPC follows meticulous blending Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) using Gemco and Patterson Kelly 'V' blenders to create a uniform blending of dry powders, one of the critical properties for a superior tablet or capsule.

Video: Gemco 200 Cubic Foot Blender

Blending video

04. Compression

CPC relies on industry-leading, fully automated Fette tablet presses for dependable, high-speed production.

Video: Fette 3090 Tablet Press

Compression video

05. Encapsulation

CPC uses state of the art computerized Bosch and IMA capsule-filling machines, capable of filling all capsule sizes and supporting aggressive timelines and high-volume requirements.

Video: Bosch 2000 Capsule Machine

Encapsulation video

06. Coating

From the art of glazing and sugar coating to the science of enteric coating and film coating, CPC's experienced technicians can match any color and generate any time-release profile.

Video: Thomas Accela-Cota 60" XL

Coating video

07. Packaging

CPC's efficient packaging department offers a full spectrum of options, making CPC a one-stop resource for all contract manufacturing and packaging requirements.